How are you handling Windows 10’s ever-important upgrades? If your enterprise has missed the deadline for the Windows Update 1511, you still may have time to catch up. Missing the next deadline – Update 1607 – will mean serious trouble, as your company will no longer receive Microsoft’s crucial security and performance updates. You have less than 100 working days left before you will be in the dark. A real threat to your enterprise’s future.

As Microsoft has moved away from Big Bang version launches in favour of a subscription model with much more frequent upgrades, a new and daunting task awaits IT departments of medium to large-size enterprises. The frequent, time-consuming and potentially stressful Windows 10 migrations and upgrades now have a very real deadline. A deadline that may prove to be deadly for your business.

They’re not just mandatory. Missing these upgrade deadlines will close doors that you want to keep open, for IT security’s sake. Missing the upgrade deadline will result in costly security risks and liabilities – you will no longer receive security updates and your company will be exposed to numerous threats. Think of the real damage that may be done to your business if ransomware criminals knock on your door and find it half opened…

1607 deadline is real
The first deadline, for 1511, has already passed. Several international companies missed it, risking serious problems. Fortunately, they were able to buy a few months extra time to get their act together and upgrade their Windows 10 environments. The next deadline, for 1607, will pass in March 2018. This one will be for real, Microsoft insists.

As there are less than 100 working days left, IT departments are under high pressure to do all the work for their tens of thousands (and for some: hundreds of thousands) of computers. They need all the support they can get in planning and implementing the Windows upgrades in a timely fashion, without disruption, with the least effort and without mistakes, with proper testing of applications, hardware and drivers. A tough job lies ahead – a lot of spreadsheets, databases and tedious manual labour will be needed to manage it.

Now there is a powerful tool
Obviously, there are other ways. Easier, more effective and efficient, at less (labour) cost. With eReadiness by IDM, for example. With this powerful new dedicated Windows 10 upgrade tool, you can really take control. From the powerful eReadiness command and control center, you can initiate, manage and check everything that needs to be done to get your organisation into the next phase of the Windows 10 lifecycle. You have control, thanks to the insight and overview that comes with eReadiness’ clear dashboard.

With eReadiness you can meet the 100-day deadline, and all other upgrade deadlines that will follow over the years. eReadiness is your toolbox for a clear and uncluttered, wellorganised, no-mistake Windows 10 migration and upgrade process.

How soon can you get started?
Tomorrow. IDM experts will help you define the scope and prepare implementation. They will help train your staff to keep this train rolling. Within weeks, you will have a full view of where you are, what will have to be the next steps and where you are heading. There will be no more loose ends, no more guessing. eReadiness supports status reporting as well as planning the next steps in the update processes. This includes keeping up with the multitude of application testing efforts that usually follow after update activities in decentralised environments, often in many countries, in different languages and performed by many different teams. Keeping track of those tests is of the utmost importance for IT organisations that want to be in control.

Who is IDM?
IDM is IT Delivery Management. We are workplace migration experts, with over ten years of experience in supporting medium (1,5000+ users) to large (200,000+ users) corporates take control of migrations and upgrades. eReadiness was born in these environments. It is dedicated and it works. Different from most competing products, eReadiness is specifically targeted to control and manage the Windows 10 migration and upgrades. That focus allows eReadiness to be spot-on and straightforward to use, without the complicated add-ons that make other products hard to implement and use.

If you feel that taking control over the Windows 10 migrations and upgrades of your organisation is crucial, eReadiness is the tool to use. It’s powerful, practical and efficient. It helps meet deadlines – and helps save your bacon.

Would you like to be in control of your organisation’s Windows 10 upgrades? Check out the eReadiness.