Use eDecision to reduce risk and costs in analysing, decision-making and implementation of your IT infrastructure. It rationalises and speeds up the process of identifying the best location to host your services, by asking the right pre-defined questions. Backed by facts and science, eDecision helps eliminate the less-informed opinions and emotional influences in your decision-making process.


  • Speeds up your entire architecture and design stage as the immediate outcome is the result of process automation
  • Accelerates decision making as it can be used as a tool to do a complete AS IS – TO BE business case analysis for individual or multiple services to analyze target infrastructure costs / layout.
  • Simple to add/change/remove corporate pricing or infrastructure standards used
  • Organization can use any target environments and commercials (On Premise, AWS, Azure, Country IT, Oracle Cloud, etcetera) and eDecision will arrive at the best choice

Feature highlights

  • Captures all key information in eDecision decision matrix
  • Shows line item audit trail as to why final recommendation made
  • Clear RED/GREEN outputs show Recommended vs. Not Recommended
  • Offers secure environment with access / usage restrictions
  • Works simple with intuitive interface
  • Is easily configurable by standard questions / config data

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