Use this simple snap-on tool to get full transparency on server performance and management. eServer seamlessly integrates with your server infrastructure monitoring solution. The tool offers you a clear view of decreasing server performance and enables you to take preventive action.


  • Supports a preventive approach through a simple management summary interface against assigned thresholds (availability, memory consumption, storage usage, CPU utilization and much more)
  • Serves as the source of truth on device count and criticality of the active server infrastructure in your organization
  • Works with SCOM but is ready to integrate with other monitoring solutions
  • Standardise your reports using the easy to use reporting functionality
  • Server operating system agnostic*

Feature highlights

  • Clear Red, Amber and Green (RAG) status against key thresholds to see where performance will impact your services
  • Provides sorting features on columns of your choosing
  • Get more details by drilling down on the infrastructure right from eServer
  • Configurable data refresh cycle
  • Integrates with your monitoring solution configuration on thresholds or configure your own right in eServer
* Depends on the capabilities of the monitoring solution

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