Deploy Windows 10 feature updates with confidence 

Let’s face it, when it comes to Windows 10 feature update maintenance, each enterprise needs to ‘get with the game’.

Use eReadiness to help you navigate through countless business applications, client devices, technical dependencies, conflicting priorities, business and IT stakeholders and keep your Windows 10 estate up to date with ease…

Enable your business for WaaS maintenance

Through an intuitive dashboard eReadiness changes the game for Windows-as-a-Service adoption even for large-scale and complex enterprises. eReadiness does this by focusing on planning, testing and deployment of feature updates on all your Windows 10 clients.

With streamlined controls for all stakeholders, eReadiness allows the business and IT to efficiently collaborate and execute the (bi-)annual Windows 10 upgrade projects.eReadiness helps significantly reduce the effort, risks, delays and escalating costs typically seen in Windows-as-a-Service related projects.

Integrate, not replace

Designed to enhance your existing IT service and any device management solution. This includes Microsoft Desktop Analytics. eReadiness will not replace them, only enhance to simplify WaaS. eReadiness adapts to your organization, not the other way around.

Define, plan and execute feature updates with ease

Using smarter automation and data collection, setting up and planning for a new feature update becomes second nature. With eReadiness Windows upgrade projects become an opportunity instead of a risk.

Identify issues before they become a problem

Using multiple data sources, eReadiness provides a comprehensive overview of application and device readiness. Which applications and devices are ready, and which require validation? This allows enterprises to quickly identify potential issues and address these where needed.



Accelerate Testing

Assign and review ownership by defining application testers. These critical stakeholders are responsible for pre-deployment assessment and possible remediation of compatibility issues for applications that are important to your business continuity.


Organize deployment scheduling

eReadiness allows maximum flexibility and control through the definition of your own deployment ring strategies. Most importantly, when it is required, also business stakeholders can control and monitor upgrade progress on all levels.

Actionable Progress Dashboards

From the initial application and device discovery, through compatibility validation and ultimately the deployment, always be in the lead.Easily identify issues, delays and overall progress.

Embrace WaaS in Your Organisation

eReadiness provides focused information to efficiently move forward. Do not allow to stall your Windows 10 feature updates. Minimize the risks, organize all participants, and simplify the process.  Get in control of WaaS and protect business continuity.

"The solution is used by people of different divisions in almost all countries in the world – people that are busy and not primarily dedicated to WaaS. eReadiness' simplicity and transparency makes the difference for them to remain engaged"

– eReadiness Customer, 200.000 seats

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Even though Microsoft does make WaaS seem easy and straightforward, for real-world enterprise practice it is not.

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