Use our Run solution eView to drastically reduce the number of business impacting incidents in your IT delivery. eView helps you get transparency and predictability from your existing Service Management and Monitoring environments. eView is the missing tool, that brings the agility in delivery your organization craves for.

With eView, you can bring service delivery to the next level – whilst reducing risks and cost. It provides transparency for your employees and allows them to focus on matters with the right priority, responsibility and accountability.

Simplify complex situations in your IT delivery by using the dashboards in eView to ‘cut the clutter’. Compile the information that is relevant and required eView in an easy, hassle-free way. Be as close to real-time as your organization requires.

eView includes four service offerings, each with their own simplistic approach to transform cumbersome data into information that matters to you and your business.


Take full control over your critical incident tickets. Never get left ‘in the dark’ again



Get on top of your important problem tickets and see how they progress against your agreed SLA’s



Be predictive in where your server infrastructure needs preventive action to meet business demand



Be ‘in the know’ of network infrastructure problems instantly, instead of depending on your suppliers to raise the alarm


  • Cuts risks and cost, by increasing the effectiveness of your IT delivery
  • Puts focus on business-critical incident and problem tickets
  • Instant transparency supports resources to put the right effort on the right spot with the right priority. Reduces incident response time and keep resolution within SLA boundaries
  • Stimulates Incident & Problem ownership in complex environments
  • Triggers and fosters support process improvement discussions. Combines information from different data sources to ensure you have the correct picture on what is happening
  • Gathers and presents data effortlessly thanks to intuitive, simple user interface
  • Provides ability to determine how close to real-time your information needs to be

Allow your organization to take back control over IT delivery and have the assurance that your service delivery is operating at the top of its game.

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