Use this powerful tool to reduce risks and costs of large IT migration or transition programs.

eTransition is based on our successful transition methodology proven for over 10 years. It is an easy to use and customizable management tool to help manage migrations, transitions and transformations. The tool saves time and overall resource effort in major projects as it allows all involved stakeholders in migrations to manage and track the various phases and deliverables. Keeping track of major transformations and migrations with eTransition prevents major cost and time overruns.

Migration to and from local server rooms, data centres or the cloud, Telecoms transitions or transformations as part of insourcing or outsourcing projects, all have one thing in common: they tend to be so complex and often have so many parties involved making it difficult to keep a clear view on the progress and on milestones and deliverables.

eTransition helps you stay on top of things with a real-time dashboard style tool that tells you all you want to know in a few mouse-clicks. The rich and powerful insights offered by the tool help minimize the risks in each step of the project.


  • Saves significant time and overall resource effort
  • Offers a real-time dashboard style tool which tells you all you want to know in a few mouse-clicks
  • Is a powerful, easy to use and customizable tool to help manage major change projects
  • Brings a project in clear and concise steps to the defined finish line
  • Offers a step-by-step approach, with clear and easy milestones and deliverables, using proven templates which can be easily adjusted
  • Benefits from IDM’s ‘RADAR’ software engine , provides real time transparency on how progress is being made. Eradicating ‘rumour mill without the detail’ and having to wait for next Formal Review for reporting craved for

Feature highlights

  • Allows the different stakeholders involved in the migrations to manage and track the different phases of a migration by using milestones and deliverables
  • Provides a real-time overview of the services configured to be tracked, giving overall progress and status per service
  • Is developed and built in a way that its users (typically project managers and project coordinators) spend as little time as possible to keep data up to date, allowing them to focus on the migrations themselves
  • Allows for customization of transition phases, deliverables and service parameters
  • Offers role based access, different levels of access per role
  • Features historic logging
  • Clearly shows users (by using colour coding and icons) what the overall status is of a service
  • Offers customization with company specific company branding (colours, logo) and appearance
  • Allows for quick and easy sorting and filtering for all parameters in the main view
  • Features reporting capabilities; including management summaries and detailed progress tracking reports (per service). For both reporting types, filtering and sorting can be applied for a powerful level of customization

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