Use eDeploy is to reduce risks and costs of implementing the decisions you make. It speeds up deployment in a highly automated manner, based on easy-to-implement organization template configurations. It saves time, cuts cost in man-hours while reducing the risk of errors.

eDeploy is your fast, reliable and easy-to-implement central deployment hub, offering full control of your implementations.
eDeploy supports every move you make, even from one vendor environment to another. This tools enables and empowers your IT organization to accommodate commercial or any other business driven change need.


  • Much faster deployments/rollbacks for template builds
  • Allows corporates to benefit from pay per use for test/dev/pre-production environments – as well as other cloud options
  • Removes uncertainty and frustrations around manual config errors or unnecessary variance within estate
  • Avoids ‘lock-in’ with vendors should strategy, business climate or commercials change. Accommodates immediate physical alternatives on demand – meaning there’s more options than just a contractual based discussion.
  • Our snap-on capability means your Standards and Templates can work with a variety of on-site, hybrid, or full public cloud environment

Feature highlights

  • Serves as central API deployment hub, automating infrastructure build process
  • Seamless installs, rollbacks, changes in a cloud, on-premise or hybrid environment
  • Offers full showback/chargeback transparency of changes made.
  • Works with a number of solutions; On Site, Azure, AWS, Oracle Cloud.
  • The workflow and approval management that this tool offers, means there is no room for assets going in/changed without approval
  • Can integrate with any other build automation by simple API calls

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