Amsterdam- 1st March

IDM has kicked off 2019 in multiple companies helping  with their biggest strategic activities involving IT.

We are finding one common theme however. Many companies have started transformation or upgrade programs, and yet there seems to be already  major delays – and already up to a third of the time and often money has been spent. There seems to be a false sense of security that this delay is going to be caught up – or some wand will arrive and magic the challenges away.

‘The reality…’ cites Nick Appelboom, CEO of IDM, ‘…is that if nothing changes then nothing changes….and senior executives are putting themselves at a huge disadvantage by simply burying their head in the sand. We strongly suggest to act now and don’t put organizational budgets, security or even their own job at risk’.

After working with a number of organizations it seems a number of factors are at play. The first is a lack of urgency. ‘You need have a doable but challenging plan and constantly communicate it well – so people remain focused and the plan has quality deliverables at its core’ adds Nick. ‘Success breeds success and soon you have a cookie cutter set of delivery processes tailored to your organizational change agenda – then small miracles start happening…’.

The second factor seems to be capability, or confidence in capability; often people are worried about how to execute the strategy / transformation or upgrades having not done it before. ‘This is where quality tools, reusable processes and some key industry skills can help’ adds Nick. ‘Getting a second qualified opinion or extra depth is the norm, some call it insurance’ he affirms.

The final factor is organizational buy-in and keeping the eye on the prize. People can get easily distracted from the real business benefits sought – and confusing customer versus consumers. Daily ping pong occurs across divisional lines, things look busy but nothing is really happening, many genuinely worried about loss of control or can only work with absolutes. ‘This is where often what seem like good arguments or showstoppers can be easily countered with evidence from the industry or previous experience.’ asserts Nick

Quality tools, processes and expertise can help keep everyone; including benefits, timings and budgets on track – but the sooner executives act on what they know will come and haunt them – the better.

Not sure – or want to be assured and sleep well every night – call IDM today.

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