We’ve just got back from VMWorld 2018 in Barcelona – and we returned knowing the industry is still faced with some painful news; Microsoft’s Autumn 2018 update had serious problems including deleting existing files – and this has now been compounded by Microsoft’s dashboard to make Windows 10 roll outs easier is now delayed to 2019 – with no forecast delivery date cited. (see Microsoft official blog* at the end of this communication) Frankly it seems the whole exercise to keep Windows 10 concurrent and in a manageable state for so many millions of end devices and users – is taking its toll at your expense in cost and frustration – and security.

What to do? …..You simply cannot afford to slip into the role of victim.

It’s simple – the good news is our eReadiness dashboard makes all challenges transparent and how to resolve them in obvious steps – so you can get in and stay in control.

Our attendance at VMWorld 2018 confirmed for us we already have the best dashboard to make Windows 10 roll out and updates easier to manage – and it’s the best out there in terms of look and feel as well as capability – and importantly price. No-one else can slice and dice how you want to run your initial Tests or Proof of Concepts by location, by country, by division or by whatever preference and steps you choose works for your business. Therefore, it speeds up migrations / deployments / upgrades and de-risks issues of your own or Microsoft’s doing.

Why eReadiness? There must be alternatives?
eReadiness was designed by a team of lead engineers and program directors who have had experience of migrations from 500 users or devices to almost 300,000 – each one a veteran with over 15 years’ in the industry. This A-team analysed what has caused unnecessary pain – and with strategic vision saw what further industry centralisation and consolidation would mean with Windows 10.

1. Choose a product from a different vendor We’ve seen some poor, good and great tools (many of which are running intrusive agents on devices with all the overhead, compatibility and security questions these invoke! – or alternative products with non-intrusive scans that take ages to get the right security levels across the estate – and take days to sort the data into something useful! eReadiness doesn’t need to do either of that!) but the simple fact is we find our customers have found them serving products where the customer systems have to change to interface with them – or a wait of 6-9 months so product development teams can add a new module/feature. You don’t need to wait when we can partner with you and are the best value in town and have better offerings already..! We are both agile and customer-centric on how we have or can add modules/features and – with our experience – easily translate inventory data into meaningful business information so you can focus on how you organize yourselves for a successful Windows 10 roll out and ongoing maintenance. We love competition – but we’re proud to be ahead of the rest!

2. Go it alone – develop in-house There are a number of real-life examples we’ve experienced that you may want to consider but frankly at your own peril:

a. To develop a solution with such benefits – means you’d repeat the whole exercise yourselves but at greater cost – and would have be sustainable when key industry changes arise.

b. We know of companies that have only 1 person who developed some capability – which means that if he/she goes on holiday or threatens to leave – it’s an immediate business risk that can easily turn into a problem.

c. To support changes and ongoing support needs at least 3 people with great knowledge – one who may be on holiday, another sick – and the 3rd is in the office. How much real knowledge sharing and 3 person coverage/capability is bedded in a Total Cost Ownership model (TCO)

d. When all hell breaks loose with a virus update – or there is an immediate management C-Level report required – do you want to be relying on tools that work and where you have ultra-responsive underpinning contracts with partners – or that enough money’s been invested and personnel/knowledge available if it goes down with the in-house team fully ready.

e. We also learned of a small company that had a 4 personnel IT Support team whereby 1 person was running reports and importing into Excel and then spending hours on Powerpoint slides – the benefit of eReadiness here is that the team was able to automate most of the processes he manually worked on – so he could go and support the business with their testing, application consolidation and upgrade requirements for years to come! This propelled their Business and IT roadmaps into mostly near term milestones instead of ones that seemed too far away to matter!

Conclusion and next steps
Microsoft’s (and actually your) working challenges will be ongoing – there won’t be a one-off issue and then back to business as normal. This is the ‘new normal’ – its IT Modernization. We are here to help you and your teams embrace and benefit from it. Not only do we offer great transparency – but eReadiness also helps you militarily organize, so your teams are focusing on the right thing at the right time. The alternatives are like playing a Casino with IT – and trust us – gambling isn’t advised. Get in control – and stay in control by speaking to us. Don’t put your Business or even you at Risk.