Allows sponsors and managers to stop worrying about troubled projects, programs or portfolios…


  • Ensures any project, program or portfolio real performance is understood through our Industry standard health-checks with decades of years’ experience.
  • Offers the real version of the truth. Too often projects, programs and portfolios are run on ‘grapefruit green’, whereby it all seems fine on the surface until you start digging deeper.
  • Brings intellectual honesty and impartial advice on where projects, programs and portfolios really are. Giving the sponsor or management peace of mind that things are in a ‘known’ state.


  • Provides Industry standard health-checks to determine whether a project, program or portfolio is really in trouble.
  • Validates whether the project is in good working order, slight distress or major intervention(s) are needed.
  • Delivers spot-on analysis and root causes of the issues.
  • Brings a Corrective Action Plan including Roles and Responsibilities to bring things back to their best possible state.

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