eTune Pro

Allows sponsors and managers to infuse project, programs or portfolio management with assurance that pays off…


  • Offers services to support people, projects, programs and portfolio management from our experts with decades of experience in working with people in a program management environment to ensure any project, program or portfolio not just becomes – but stays optimal in delivery.
  • Provides quality people available for the immediate, medium or long term to help companies stay on track – and keep defining clearly the track they want to stay on.
  • Brings your people direct benefit from training we provide. Both on the job training plans, as well as classes aimed at passing on those invaluable soft skills – that make all the difference.


  • Offers interactive ‘case study’ courses that allow participants to run what feels like a real project and be in the hot seat of the problems they now face. This improves individuals’ performance often significantly because it becomes clear what they need and it can be addressed through feedback
  • Provides key support for ‘soft skills’ i.e. where and how to work with key stakeholders or communications and other topics.
  • Offers support for ‘hard skills ‘in project, program or portfolio skills – allowing a project not just to come back to green – but to stay there.

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