Puts the organization back in the driving seat for Security compliance and attaining or maintaining accreditations.


  • Gives clear statement on number of controls, owners, complexity and priority allowing all stakeholders and those involved to understand at any moment how secure or compliant an organization is – or how far from attaining or maintaining accreditation
  • Saves time and money by serving as ‘single source of truth’; avoiding frustration and time spent on mastering how to handle ‘spreadsheets of spreadsheets’with typical versioning/reliability issues and ‘copy and paste’ late nights
  • Benefits from IDM’s ‘RADAR’ software engine , provides real time transparency on how progress is being made, eradicating ‘rumour mill without the detail’ and having to wait for next Formal Review for reporting craved for


  • Follows simple and well proven ‘3Step’ approach of identifying, qualifying and then executing controls determined valid
  • Front end tool has intuitive, simple and effective user interface
  • Can be used on a variety of Security accreditation or compliance reporting such as PCI, Cyber Essentials + and GDPR (EU Regulation 2016/679)
  • Customizable to your own business processes

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